Corrective Balance is hands-on joint realignment, muscle realignment, nerve release and intuitive healing for your pet

About Us

Jennifer Sharpe started out as a C.H.E.K. Practitioner (corrective high performance exercise kinesiologist) using her intuitive healing and experience with her human clients but soon successfully applied her education and knowledge to her Dressage horse.  When she adopted a 1 year old imported show dog, Alita an American Staffordshire Terrier, was rejected by her owner from further showing due to her hip ‘weakness’.

With Jennifer’s keen eye to physical imbalances she saw neck and hip joint restrictions that were due to groin tightness. This minor imbalance would of showed up in Alita’s body later in life that could debilitated her, shortening any animal’s life.  

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Understanding and correcting physical and emotional imbalances through soft tissue release restricting the muscular system. How the head sits upon the neck can and will short circuit an animal’s ability to focus impacting their obedience sometimes making an animal react violently towards the owner/handler. The key to success with any physical/emotional imbalances is early intervention. Allot of these animals do wind up in shelters due to what started out as a natural reaction from pain soon became behavioral. 

True healing is knowing that any part of the body can and does deeply effect nerves, tendons, and/or muscles causing postural malignant and over time this malignant wears down joints.

When nothing else works call Jennifer Sharpe, she just knows what to do. 

Jennifer in Melbourne Australia performing body work on race horses 2011


Alita after her body work 

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